20 December 2009

Miles Davis Knows

Miles Davis Knows

The universe exists
in silent pause

before the solo kicks in

12 December 2009

The Tree

I need to sit and recollect on this hill once again.

08 December 2009

Van Houten & Cianci Street, 1943

A quartet plays
in the gazebo
at the center of Paterson
Tri-color bunting and streamers
line the roof and banisters
more on the red brick windows
black and white couples
dance in the street and square
kicking sideways at each other
mouths open in a song or yell
Statesmen stand around a plaque
smiles with suits and cigars
like a card game without a table
Townsfolk in simple clothing
stand at the curb
eating over-wrapped hot dogs
their children look up
anchored to balloons
the clarinet player in mid-solo
leaning back to bring the horn
up to the microphone
the drummers arms and cymbals
invisible from the beat
The sax players face
a smudge under a hat
the balding bass man
takes up half the stage
looks down through sunglasses
surprised at what he is doing
all of the colors and sounds lost
leaving only a second
found in a faded print.

The Park-Side Parrot Inn

The Park-side Parrot Inn
           Portland, ME

The spiraling stairway
mahogany handrail
gently turned pillars
steps worn to
high contrast grain lines
like a comb passed over wet hair
Light through dusty window
that watch the harbor grow

All of this was my subject
an attempt to photograph.
What developed was over-exposed

I hear your footsteps
as I check us out
I don’t want to go home.

04 December 2009

Wiping a Fogged Mirror

When I took your photo
it was not to use against you
nothing erotic
nor devious

It was to hold onto how you looked

skin still humid from your shower
hair up in a towel
threadbare robe snug to your body

Where all you felt was refreshed

free of any bit of dirt you ever carried
of every lie ever told
clear of any mascara you thought needed

where it was finally just
your eyes

honest, innocent
and looking at me.