27 January 2011

The Reason

We fail at communicating because
we remember the times our words came back to bite us
Every time we spoke
too soon, too honestly, or spontaneously.
Those times we hasten our reaction,
or our own words spark someone else to
react with emotion
Those pains sit with us, those regrets, those pains
The taught us the wrong lessons so many times.
We all needed to be taught how to respond AND react
and not just how to talk.
So now as near-adults,
when it is our turn to talk
we are so careful
So unsure of every word
The slow, meticulous sentences are just a slow death
The slow talkers come off as if they are thinking too much
As if they have something to hide
The only thing we have to hide
is our scars, our vulnerabilities.
because if you show me yours
and i show you mine
we will both know just where to strike out of anger
All we want is some one who can think
but these cases of thinkers
these 'too-careful', they frighten us
We are all so scared of
that which might comfort us.

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