04 December 2009

Wiping a Fogged Mirror

When I took your photo
it was not to use against you
nothing erotic
nor devious

It was to hold onto how you looked

skin still humid from your shower
hair up in a towel
threadbare robe snug to your body

Where all you felt was refreshed

free of any bit of dirt you ever carried
of every lie ever told
clear of any mascara you thought needed

where it was finally just
your eyes

honest, innocent
and looking at me.


Ciara said...

I so love how honest your writing is, Bryan. This is beautiful. Really beautiful.

Have you ever had, or considered having, your writings published?

You have something... truly.

Tina said...

Lovely, and honest, writing. You must have an Irish connection with a nickname like that! I'm Irish and I work with firefighters...

Bryan Boru said...

Yeah Tina, my Nana was from outside Cork. I was actually named after Boru, the most of my fam has called me that since birth. Thank you for the gracious compliment!