29 November 2009

I thought I was sharing
the way I welcomed you in
watched you play with
my prized possessions

The cats I shared my apartment with
cuddling on your chest
and shedding onto your sweater

Songs that meant so much
each of them a soundtrack
a narration of my life
a perfect autumn day
a lovers change of heart
mistakes that domino into a mess

I thought I was sharing
the places that I found a secret energy
places I called home
a opening of solace in a forest
restaurants I could enjoy
and secrets I shared with only you

With each place
each song
each memory
a new prize was founded
a person I can enjoy these secrets with

But then it was no longer sharing
it was only evidence

You now brag to me
about how the songs sound and feel
how the book is written and movie ends
the meals taste with someone else
the air smells in that spot by the stream

now even the walls
that once surrounded
the bed I slept so well in
have been stolen from me
with one mistake

My secrets have turned into a sacrifice.

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