05 November 2009

The Lost Hidden Path, In Awe

We were watching what looked like
two dragonflies mating in flight,
darting back and forth around us.
The sun reflecting rainbows off
algae green hidden waters.
and you were in awe of the brightness
the cobalt blue of a dragonfly in particular.

And I was in awe of you.
You were not self-conscious.
In love with all you saw
the deer, the bugs, the moss, the dirt.
You enveloped yourself in the simple nature,
the complicated beauty of everything.

And the image that holds together my summer
was the sight of your eyes glowing at me
honest and angelic
reflecting back the sun off the pond
showing within them the definition of life and love.
I was amazed that nature found a way
to create the wonderful being that was you.

1 comment:

Ciara said...

Oh my heart...

I have never been so moved, or touched by all that I have read here.

Thank you for sharing what I can only say is a deep and sincere heart, and beautiful mind.