05 November 2009

Within The Silence Your Heartbeat Comes to an Audible Level

Wearing a sky blue shirt and khakis
her ring finger wore no ring
confidence was in her eyes
She told you her name, it did not sink in
you could not recall her speaking
being lost in her green eyes and flowing hair
She must have realized this
she spoke again
leaning over into view of your eyes
Your attempts at being coy and cool were lost
She listened to you stutter
watching your lips and eyes
Her soft laugh made you deaf
the innocent sound echoing
she gently smiled at you
You felt comfortable so quickly
She did not seem to judge you
each moment was a new day
her lead in to the next moment of speech slow
Find yourself imagining futures
a déjà vu or lost dream rediscovered
rewritten with each wave of her hair
You looked around as you spoke
to find someone you knew
a savior from this moment of reckoning
A life rebuilt with each look
from her eyes to yours
tearing down ancient walls and dreams
Your left thumb and forefinger
pinch the back of your right arm
assured yourself you were awake
She felt like home so quickly

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