08 November 2009

This Is Me

I need a catalyst. Something to get the water running under my bridges again. Somehow I got so caught up in getting my life in order, that I lost something that kept my mind in order, writing. This is my attempt the bring it back in close.
While rolling down the stairs of the internet I found a site on blogspot about a band I like. I wanted to chime into the conversation being had about the band and I needed to sign in to comment. After commenting I followed some links to my profile on here and realized that not only had I had one already, having a Google account, but that I also started a blog I had forgotten about. I hadn't really done anything with it yet, and felt maybe me rediscovering it was or a reason. I know I wanted to bring writing back into my everyday life and the coincidence was too much. So here it is. This may end up with some photos on it, it may end up with a list of things I need to do to get a task done. It may not be what you expect, but then again, are any of us?

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Ciara said...

In a weird way, I have found blogging to be my catalyst. Suddenly I had my camera with me all the time, and opposite to what I would have thought, looking through the lens made me see things more clearly. The focus made me... focus.

I have no expectations here. Other than exceptional brilliance.

And I suspect you don't even know you have it...