10 November 2009

Then there was a perfect moment, where everything clicked. Where the powdered playa was not an issue. Where the heat had subsided. Where I forgot I was hundreds of miles from any city, how much my feet hurt, how dirty I was, or what stresses I may return to when I get home. I sat there in the open playa, and watched a desert sunset with a wonderful person I only knew for a few days. We watched the sun progress closer to the mountains. Then it slowly went behind them, throwing color everywhere. We kissed there, and rain began to fall.
That was my beautiful moment.
To kiss in the desert, at sunset, in the rain. Of all the things I am sure and unsure of, that was the one moment certainty didn't matter. I am left with questions, yet the mindset of knowing I shouldn't question anything. Logic vs Love, in a sense. Responsibility of life vs responsibility of self, in a sense. I love the questions and the uncertainty of it all, it is already not easy, but it is not trouble, or difficult. It just is, and its wonderful

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