16 November 2009

In My Living Room

You asked me
to pluck your eyebrows
and I did.
I held you face and neck in my hands
Our legs overlapped one another.

Your hair over the back of my hand,
neck stretched and relaxing with your breath;
I was worried about hiding
my shaking hands.
I could feel your breath on my face.
and I was scared.

Your eyes closed in trust,
head tilted back, neck exposed.
Waiting for each little tinge of pain
as hair slightly lifts skin
and releases.

You opened your eyes|
looked into mine.
I tried to tell your eyes
with my eyes,
That I wanted to hold you closer.
They didn’t answer

Hairs all over my shirt and skin.
I wished to have us hold each other
until every hair had re-grown
until what was plucked away
grew back.

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